Driving innovation

Innovation, in-no-va-zió-ne, s.f.: the act of innovating, introducing new systems, new arrangements, new methods of production.
A definition we have made our own since the founding of Guidetti Recycling Systems.
Armed with the know-how and experience gained over the past three decades, we have succeeded in developing advanced, quiet, compact recycling systems to effectively recover a range of waste materials-aluminum, copper, zinc, plastic-while reducing environmental impact.

Toinnovate for us is to make a difference, to bet in better future, to seek new solutions, to develop systems aimed at excellence.
Our ambition is supported by significant investment and constant R&D, which absorbs a portion of our sales.
The greatest satisfaction: making recycling systems that minimize emissions and economic costs, machines that offer the best performance, easy to operate and maintain, with very low pollutant and noise emissions.

The aptitude for innovation is also reflected in the increasingly compact size of Guidetti’s solutions to make processing easier and expand the practice of material recovery, thanks to dry separation systems that allow waste material to be transformed into valuable raw material.

Among Guidetti machines, the W.E.E.E. WEEE and CAR FLUFF Series marks a big step forward. The recycling system is the most compact ever (starting from 500 kg/h), environmentally friendly, and allows recycling of small and large household appliances, electrical-electronic equipment, and auto grinding waste even in small spaces.

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