Effective and profitable multi-product recycling

The machines are 100% Made in Italy

Designed by the company’s R&D department, the recycling systems were entirely manufactured at the company’s Renazzo (Ferrara) facilities by highly qualified in-house technical staff, who directly follow all stages of mechanical production and assembly.

Testing and final inspection were carried out in the Guidetti factories’ test room, a 2,500-square-meter space that the company also makes available to customers to perform tests with its own materials and verify the effectiveness of the systems proposed for the recycling process.

The new line makes it possible to recover materials from WEEE, CAR FLUFF, electric motors, cables, and radiators, reducing the environmental impact and avoiding new extractions of raw materials, with all that this entails (polluting emissions, waste of economic resources, increased transport of heavy vehicles).

Effectiveness and great economic return

Among the things most appreciated by customers already using Guidetti’s new industrial equipment:

– the compactness and versatility

– the purity of recycled materials

– the ease of use of the machines

– The high technological content of the facilities

– The time savings in terms of manpower

– The increase in productivity and economic and financial profitability

Buyers can count on technical-specific training activities, warranties and highly qualified after-sales services .

Discover the Weee Series (WEEE) CAR FLUFF (Asr)