To repeat the great success of our Sincro-mill series, Guidetti is pleased to introduce the new Sincro950mill.

Compact as ever, this model has a production capacity of up to 1 ton/hour and is complete with granulator, zig-zag separator, refiner and separation table.

Thanks to its standard equipment, the new Sincro950mill allows all types of cables to be processed at the same time, without the need for upstream pre-selection, thus saving time and money.

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Innovation, in-no-va-zió-ne, s.f.: the act of innovating, introducing new systems, new arrangements, new methods of production.
A definition we have made our own since the founding of Guidetti Recycling Systems.
Armed with the know-how and experience gained over the past three decades, we have succeeded in developing advanced, quiet, compact recycling systems to effectively recover a range of waste materials-aluminum, copper, zinc, plastic-while reducing environmental impact.

Toinnovate for us is to make a difference, to bet in better future, to seek new solutions, to develop systems aimed at excellence.
Our ambition is supported by significant investment and constant R&D, which absorbs a portion of our sales.
The greatest satisfaction: making recycling systems that minimize emissions and economic costs, machines that offer the best performance, easy to operate and maintain, with very low pollutant and noise emissions.

The aptitude for innovation is also reflected in the increasingly compact size of Guidetti’s solutions to make processing easier and expand the practice of material recovery, thanks to dry separation systems that allow waste material to be transformed into valuable raw material.

Among Guidetti machines, the W.E.E.E. WEEE and CAR FLUFF Series marks a big step forward. The recycling system is the most compact ever (starting from 500 kg/h), environmentally friendly, and allows recycling of small and large household appliances, electrical-electronic equipment, and auto grinding waste even in small spaces.

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The machines are 100% Made in Italy

Designed by the company’s R&D department, the recycling systems were entirely manufactured at the company’s Renazzo (Ferrara) facilities by highly qualified in-house technical staff, who directly follow all stages of mechanical production and assembly.

Testing and final inspection were carried out in the Guidetti factories’ test room, a 2,500-square-meter space that the company also makes available to customers to perform tests with its own materials and verify the effectiveness of the systems proposed for the recycling process.

The new line makes it possible to recover materials from WEEE, CAR FLUFF, electric motors, cables, and radiators, reducing the environmental impact and avoiding new extractions of raw materials, with all that this entails (polluting emissions, waste of economic resources, increased transport of heavy vehicles).

Effectiveness and great economic return

Among the things most appreciated by customers already using Guidetti’s new industrial equipment:

– the compactness and versatility

– the purity of recycled materials

– the ease of use of the machines

– The high technological content of the facilities

– The time savings in terms of manpower

– The increase in productivity and economic and financial profitability

Buyers can count on technical-specific training activities, warranties and highly qualified after-sales services .

Discover the Weee Series (WEEE) CAR FLUFF (Asr)

The story of the “Guidetti Recycling System” blends with the story of Mauro Guidetti and his ability to meet the challenges of the future.

It all began in 1987 when Andrea Gallini Pirani – a scrap dealer from Casumaro – posed the first challenge to Mauro Guidetti. “Come on Mauro, are you able to build a machine to divide the parts of ‘these machines that come to me here? That I then have to take them apart to separate the sheet metal from the plastic, the copper, the iron“.

Pirani does not imagine that Guidetti is not only ready to “go for it,” but will succeed, revealing the DNA of the future Guidetti Recycling System: innovative character, ability to interpret market needs and propose custom solutions.
I built it inside its sheds. I retrieved around everything I could find. I couldn’t afford either a bellhop or an engineer. I made it entirely by myself“.

Mauro Guidetti began manufacturing machinery that separates elements of all kinds, for auto wreckers, wire harness makers, industrial wreckers, cable manufacturers and scrap dealers.

Experience buys, investment in research and development – more than 20 percent of sales – allows for major breakthroughs (those who will take Guidetti products from the Renazzo countryside all over the world) and address the market of thee-waste, one of the most critical, responsible for increasing waste globally.

Crushing technologies are refined and the first machines capable of recovering materials from cell phones, computers, small and large household appliances are made, obtaining new fine raw material: aluminum, nickel, gold, lead, copper and zinc.

The Life Cycle of products changes in a virtuous way.

Electric cables, household appliances, and disused machinery are transformed from a “problem to be disposed of” into a valuable material that avoids new mining, harmful emissions, and waste of resources and energy.

This success expands Guidetti Recycling System’s market, which gains share in Europe, Russia, Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico and the United States of America where, in 2015, it opened its Atlanta USA office.

Today, Guidetti’s compact machines are taken as models by many manufacturers in the industry because they provide the best level of dry separation, excellent soundproofing, ease of use, small footprint, and low operating and processing costs.

Mauro Guidetti may consider his company the undisputed leader in the recycling and materials recovery industry, but the Guidetti story is still in its infancy.

Successful sales of Guidetti self-propelled crushers , on crawlers, model CAESAR 1 and CAESAR 2, compact and small in size, which are again in demand after a period of crisis that held back the construction industry so far we are at 828 we aim for 850 by the end of 2017. Next in line to leave for Hungary.

Presented the new Guidetti lines to our partner Morita Japan. The Southeast Asian market greatly appreciates Made in Italy, especially dellla our Motor land area in between Bologna and Modena where the excellence of car and motorcycle mechanics is unparalleled in the rest of the world.